The 2016 Seat Leon ST Cupra 290: a Competent One

Seat Leon ST Cupra 290

What is the best hot estate we can recall, particularly when we speak about a family wagon? The best one seems to be appeared through the 2016 Seat Leon ST Cupra 290, a new generation that replaces the existence of ST Cupra 280. We will give you a brief review on Seat Leon ST Cupra 290 Black edition, which means you will get alloy wheels, 19-inch multi-spoke version. The Black edition of ST Cupra 290 also comes with black detailing and bucket seats as well. Looking from the outside, it looks stunning and beautiful as well. This is the best hot hatches with five seats and strong performance.

So, how’s the car performance compared to ST Cupra 280? According to car’s specs, the ST Cupra 290 comes with a progressive steering and locking front differential, and dynamic chassis control. These made the car as one loaded with performance-enhancing technology. As for power, the overall output is 286bhp, making the new model as one which received an increased performance. In normal-driving mode, the Seat ST Cupra 290 gives you supple ride throughout its little body roll, which is refined and quiet. There is also an option where a driver could select Sport mode. In its mode, the response of throttle will be more urgent and the suspension will firm up.

Speaking of power, the ST Cupra 290 give you full 258lb ft which can be reached from 1700rpm to 5800rpm. It will reach 62mph from 0mph in 5.9-second – by which, you can’t define it as a super car. The car also capable of providing all the power to a single wheel, thanks to a new front differential. The latter makes it as one family wagon with strong muscle. By examining the whole specs and performance, we can say that the Leon ST Cupra 290 is the hottest hatch, which entertaining, quick, and competent.

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