2018 Kia Stringer Review

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2018 Kia Stringer Review

Automakers from South Korea rumored to be launching the latest sedan products again, namely 2018 KIA Stinger. Since last year, KIA officially launched a new vehicle based on the concept of KIA GT, named KIA Stinger. The KIA sedan is officially opened on preview at the prestigious automotive exhibition at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2017 in Detroit, United States. With KIA Stinger presented this can be seen how KIA is very serious in creating and designing a sporty luxury-style sedan. In fact, with the presence of middle-class sedan, KIA made this will be the threat of some other factory’s sedan in mid-size luxury class, such as BMW, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, and Mercedes-Benz.

2018 KIA Stinger Overview
The car is indeed presented to enliven the middle-class sedan market with a very qualified specification and some modern features are very functional. Meanwhile, for the physical design, this long-awaited sedan is indeed made with a stylish design style that is slightly scented sporty. It can be seen from some parts on the KIA Stinger exterior side, especially on the front that looks clear from the combination of headlamp and grille design is so perfect. Meanwhile, on its own interior, this cool sedan offers a spacious cabin serving with security features and entertainment to support the comfort of every passenger.

2018 KIA Stringer Exterior
The car carrying stylish design and elegant vibe impression of premium sedan class. This car is present to target the middle class. Of course, the new KIA Stringer is existed to compete with several cars in its class. KIA bring this sedan with a design that is not arbitrary. Because the design style of the sedans from South Korea is indeed carrying a super elegant look where on the front of this KIA Stinger, there is a headlamp LED technology made narrowed and protruded into the rear so that the modern-sporty style is getting stronger from the front side. Not only that, still on the front of the car, KIA Stinger will use a stylish grille made on top of which pinned the logo “KIA”. Then, on the side seems to be made with a simple design without strokes or gars firmly. Only, on the side skirts made proportionally elongated from front to rear.

Meanwhile, for the door handles itself looks so balanced with the design on the side. Well, stepped on the back, the impression of sporty-modern vibe is very strong where there is a stop lamp LED made a sporty style complete with some pseudo indentations that decorate the back side. In addition, at the bottom of the 2018 KIA Stinger also has a double exhaust on the right and left so that the impression of a sporty look so strong on the back side. It can be spelled out that the exterior sector of the KIA Stinger specification is indeed showing a stylish design that is so stylish with a blend of sporty-modern concepts.