Have a good car will make you have a new responsibility to take care of it. You have to drive the car as smooth as you can so that the passengers will feel comfort. You also need to bring you car to the dealer to have good treatment or service.

Do some modification for your car will become a very interesting activity. One of the parts that are easily to change is the car wheels. In this world, you can find many several of wheels that recommended for yours. You can choose the good model that suitable with your car

When you want to make your car audio well then you can change the sound system first. Of course, you should remember about choosing the sound system so that it can produce good sound. Good sound will make your journey better. Before you choose the sound system, you have to

For you who love to know about the best car in the world, here will be your favorite one. You know that we some find the fastest car, the most luxurious car, the most expensive cars but today you will know about the best car. For car lovers, driving the

For you who love to drive a car, you should know about the list of the most expensive car in this world. Car can become a super expensive thing when they made by high quality of material. The brand and the distributor behind will also become the reason why it

Today, car insurance is one of the most essential things in our life, especially if we have a car. No matter how luxurious our car is, we will always need proper coverage. During the time, the way people buy auto insurance has changed. Many years ago, buying an auto insurance

If we want to insure our car, we might be puzzled about how we should get it. Some people often confused about which types of car insurance they must choose, deal with agent or buying online? Actually, there are some different options we can use to find the right car

Many people do not try to save money when buying cars. Whereas, they can easily save a significant amount of money if using car leasing. Today, the internet has changed the world and it is much easier to find the right deals we want, including the best lease rates for

RS3 sedan belongs to German manufacturer Audi comes to anyone who wants to have a bigger option than A3 and S3. It is believed that the RS3 will use the platform of Volkswagen’s MQB that has been used by A3, S3, TT line and some other products belong to the

Italian supercar manufacturer, Lamborghini has preparing a new model namely Huracan Superleggera. The prototype has a large and aggressive front splitter as well as aggressive rear wing. From the snapshots posted by some media, the supercar also brings a track-focused aerodynamic package. It is believed that the superleggera has a