This is the Renault Clio RS16, which is the current generation of the Renault Sport Clio. This is the fastest Renault ever. This new version is given 1.6-liter engine combines with paddleshift transmission to replace the old 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo and standard 6-speed manual transmission that was used in the

The current version of Ford Fusion has been sold more than 300.000 units in the past two years. The car is popular because offering audacious design, secure handling and of course high technology. However, the car has not proved that it is suitable to enter premium or sporty segment; it

There is ‘S’ within 2016 Mercedes-AMG C 63. What is the meaning of it? Well, it means more power and more speed. While a standard version of 2016 Mercedes-AMG came out with an engine which will produce 469bhp, the S Coupe, a flagship, capable of producing a robust 503bhp. This

For years the Prius has been receiving a few stereotypical, yet cynical, thought including “it’s boring”, “it’s slow”, or “it’s efficient”. Things haven’t changed for years, except for 2016 as Toyota decided to bring the new Prius Touring. It still has funny looking; it is hybrid, but most importantly, it

When talking about the market of luxury crossover in North America, we can’t put the Lexus RX behind our conversation as the car has become one of the bestselling car in that region. Paying attention to this, we’d like to give you a review on the 2016 Lexus NX 300h.

So there is a midsize sedan in your garage and everyone else telling you that the era for such car has already gone. It doesn’t sell anymore, as they say. Well, is it true? Nope. Those who said that the era of midsize sedan is gone must have checked the

What is the best hot estate we can recall, particularly when we speak about a family wagon? The best one seems to be appeared through the 2016 Seat Leon ST Cupra 290, a new generation that replaces the existence of ST Cupra 280. We will give you a brief review

It would probably safe to bring out a value after we meet the Porsche 718 Cayman, that the car, sub-supercar sports car, is the best in the world. The whole new super car is the younger sister of 718 Boxster, but it is cheaper than its sister and less complex.

As a car shopper what are you really looking for a car? Some people may say that as long as the car is capable of transporting them then it is enough. Well, in modern world with modern people, car is not only a transportation tool but much more about prestige