The 2016 Mazda 6 Grand Touring: Comfortable Ride

The 2016 Mazda6 Grand Touring: Comfortable Ride

So there is a midsize sedan in your garage and everyone else telling you that the era for such car has already gone. It doesn’t sell anymore, as they say. Well, is it true? Nope. Those who said that the era of midsize sedan is gone must have checked the statistics. About three million midsize sedans sold in Northern America, and the number appeared consistently each year. Giving to that, here we’d like to give you a review on 2016 Mazda6 Grand Touring, the one which earn reputation as the best looking midsize sedan. Sure the car is a new model available in today’s market, but we consider it as which is worth to review.

The midsize sedan look longer that what has been told on its brochure, suggesting 192.7-inch. This particular feel due to few character lines the Mazda6 has, which in essence tied in perfectly with its shoulders. That’s why the Mazda6 looks bigger. As for the exterior, Mazda6 sedan got revised design as we seen in its grille, for example. But none has been added to its design though. In GT trim, the sedan added grille illumination, fog lights, and LED headlights. The latter revealed some changes on Mazda6 GT trim, adding more aesthetic appeal on that handsome sedan. The GT trim is one closest to premium car category.

What about the car performance? First of all, the chassis is stiff and nice. Meanwhile its suspension and steering give you a comfortable ride. Speaking of which, we glad to found its steering which is sharp and brought the main characteristic of Mazda sedan. By the way, the whole driving experience was great, thanks to the combination of steering, suspension, and the chassis. The sedan responds quite nicely to road imperfections. So, when you are dreaming of a midsize sedan which is ready to deliver all comfort you need, the Mazda6 Grand Touring should be available in your garage.

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