2016 Mercedes GLC 300

2016 Mercedes GLC 300

Today’s automotive news begin with the 2016 Mercedes GLC 300, one which known as a simple evolution of previously GLK. It is not a simple car though. If you examine it closer, then what you will find is a C-class with off-road capability. Moreover, the car is a simply revision over the small-luxury department previously produced by the company. As a part of revision, this time the car brings larger cargo area, means you got a big-good SUV gaining 4.6-inch in total length.

The 2016 Mercedes GLC 300 is also lower in terms of producing emissions. As a part of such term, you got 4-cylinder capable of producing 241 hp at 5500 rpm. At 1300 rpm the car produces 274 lb-ft of torque. Plus, you will get an addition flat torque curve when the engine pushed to 4000 rpm. Basically, such specs offer you linear, pleasant acceleration, one which generally can be expected from such a car of the class. However, such impression won’t be enough for X3 35i driver, for example. There is nine-speed transmission (9G-Tronic) to help you keep the RPM in low numbers. The car needs 7.45 seconds before it reaches 60 miles/hour. Sure it’s a bit unimpressive but enough nonetheless.

Another good aspect from the GLC 300 is that your driving style can be adjusted with a number of driving modes, each of which can be selected easily. The driving modes consist of Sport plus, eco and comfort and Dynamic Select. Aluminum parts have been put as the addition, which can be seen throughout the car. At the same time they are accompanied with four-link suspension that provides articulation and comfort of the wheels. Judging from the capability, the new 2016 Mercedes GLC 300 will easily put a lot of impression for those who are looking for luxurious SUV.

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