2016 Suzuki Jimny, Specifications and Innovation

suzuki-Jimny 2016

As one of the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, Suzuki apparently also do not want to miss to enliven SUV car market that was very popular and the trend in the society. However, this time, the manufacturer is offering something a little different due to the mini SUV that will be launched in a few these is a time to come off-road tiny car. Although the size, SUVs are classified as small cars but Suzuki Jimny 2016, has a very powerful force for driving in various fields especially the fields of weight. Automotive enthusiasts must have been very forward to seeing the information about the specifications of the small SUV.

Suzuki Jimny 2016 has a display with a unique design because it has a box shape and looks quite simple. This car has a large bumper with a small grill that barred six vertically. Nevertheless, this SUV also presents classic impression of a sector lamp that has a spherical shape. At the stern of the car is also embedded a spare tire that makes this car look more handsome. Ban tough with 15-inch alloy wheels make the car look more formidable. Moreover, for added comfort while driving, this car uses suspense with a ladder frame shape and is suitable for use in a variety of rough terrain.

Aside from the exterior aspect, this small SUV also presents some of the specs and features in the interior cool. The cabin of this car looks quite simple but in fact, this car also uses advanced technologies such as the Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems on the instrument panel. In addition, the car is also equipped with a Gear Shift Indicator that is useful to assist the driver in saving fuel. In the interior of this car is also embedded features Electronic Stability Control to give the impression of a more modern display. With a blend of classic and modern touches, it makes this car look more attractive.

Aside from the design of the exterior and interior of the car, Suzuki Jimny 2016 also developed the use of the machine. The car’s engine has a capacity of 1.3 litters with the support of two transmissions that are five-speed for manual and four-speed for automatic. The machine is claimed to be capable of producing up to 83 hp at 6000-rpm rotation and peak torque to 110 Nm at 4100-rpm rotation. With a range of sophistication and innovations developed at the car manufacturer Suzuki SUV, until now there is no definite conformation associated on the price offered for the tiny off-road car. However, for those who like a challenging journey across rough terrain, you really deserve to choose one of Suzuki’s off-road cars.

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