2016 Toyota Camry, Have Looks Cool and Aggressive


Competition in the automotive world seems to be getting warmer in recent times this. various automotive manufacturers to bring a variety of new products to the market with a wide range of quality and innovation to attract the attention of the market. Various advantages of new cars are popping up on the market more enliven the automotive market in the world. Every automotive enthusiast usually has bigotry against a car manufacturer. However, there are also more attracted automotive enthusiasts to many innovations and advances occurring in the automotive world. One manufacturer that also enlivens the competition of the automotive world is the manufacturer Toyota. This time, the manufacturer is carrying Toyota Camry 2016 to get the attention of the broader market.

The new car from Toyota is presenting a luxurious feel with a touch more elegant and prestigious. Car sedan are already getting top rankings in the medium sedan market is apparently not quite satisfied with the achievement. The producer tries to bring some revisions from various aspects including the interior or exterior. This time, the car Toyota Camry 2016 comes in three variants: 2.5 L Hybrid AT, 2.5 V AT, and 2.5 G AT. The automotive development fans must have been very forward to welcoming new sedan from Toyota them. Presented a new twist on this car in terms of exterior design is by generating lines ‘keen look’ dynamic can give elegant aura from the car. In terms of interior, this sedan comes with a touch of luxury with some ornament colours that can give the impression of a more prestigious.

Many observers see the development of automotive and innovations made to the product manufacturer Toyota Camry sedan them this year. Toyota is well known as one of the manufacturers who like to do some changes, especially in terms of the broad view of the car. Toyota Camry by prior own place in the hearts of its users also get a facelift. Design facelift is able to change the car so that it can look more sporty, luxurious and elegant. Of course, the development and the changes proposed to Camry sedan fans is just not enough from the exterior only. Toyota also seeks to present a more optimal comfort for its use while driving. Design interior of this car does not only have luxurious and classy look but also provides more comfort.

Although aspects of the interior and exterior of the car are quite seizing the attention of consumers, they are certainly much more interested in knowing how the quality of the machine is pinned on the car Toyota Camry 2016. By using hybrid technology, the new car is more environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, accelerated more soft, and the sound of a car engine is not noisy. Transmission system used in this car is a Continuous Variable Transmission. In addition, the car also uses several other advanced features such as Bluetooth, car air conditioning with three zones, parking camera, or some other features that can improve the comfort and safety while driving.

Despite the many innovations and advanced features available on the Toyota Camry 2016, it apparently did not make the market price of the car is an advanced very high. Toyota continued to work to provide a quality car at a reasonable price so that it can reach all levels of consumers. So, if you are interested in using this car?

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