The 2016 Toyota Prius: Efficiency within a new Way

Toyota Prius

For years the Prius has been receiving a few stereotypical, yet cynical, thought including “it’s boring”, “it’s slow”, or “it’s efficient”. Things haven’t changed for years, except for 2016 as Toyota decided to bring the new Prius Touring. It still has funny looking; it is hybrid, but most importantly, it became more significant. In other words, the new Prius from Toyota is better to drive. Put it in simple words: the new Prius got a new architecture, which will accommodate other Lexus and Toyota vehicles that will be released in the future. What kind of architecture applied within the line of new Prius body?

First of all, there is double-wishbone rear suspension, which makes the car more rigid and will have a low center of gravity. Its chassis is now more responsive, thanks to the new architecture. Such improvement will make driving experience to be more pleasant and drivers won’t have to feel that they are being punished just by driving a hybrid vehicle. The Prius 2016 gives you an immediate reaction, which is about to get rid of disconnected, lazy, and delayed feeling. Aside of the sense of immediate, the Prius 2016 is also efficient in terms of fuel usage. The car is rated at 52 mpg, so the fuel economy is very great indeed. You need only a little fuel just to make the vehicle fit the everyday need.

The new Prius also comes with new electric powertrain and 4-cylinder engine (1.8-liter). The engine will take you at 60 mph, which is slower but considered better than previous generation of Prius. An improved thermal efficiency has been added as well, and it became something that should bring much more excitement for drivers. Sure the 2016 Prius isn’t sport car, but the look has its own class. With a new engine, the vehicle will suit everyday life easily without hassle.

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