So there is a midsize sedan in your garage and everyone else telling you that the era for such car has already gone. It doesn’t sell anymore, as they say. Well, is it true? Nope. Those who said that the era of midsize sedan is gone must have checked the

What is the best hot estate we can recall, particularly when we speak about a family wagon? The best one seems to be appeared through the 2016 Seat Leon ST Cupra 290, a new generation that replaces the existence of ST Cupra 280. We will give you a brief review

As a car shopper what are you really looking for a car? Some people may say that as long as the car is capable of transporting them then it is enough. Well, in modern world with modern people, car is not only a transportation tool but much more about prestige

Are you currently looking for a sport car which is designed with luxurious interior and exterior model, supported by advanced technology and of course comes with prestige? Don’t need to worry, another Ford Mustang has been produced and released; it is Ford Mustang Shelby GT350/GT350R. Well, some of you may

Speaking of insurance, some people may still have some doubts toward the point of paying insurance. The fact is once you have bought a car the next thing you should consider is looking for the best car insurance to cover your car. You could consider yourself a good driver who