2017 Chevrolet Corvette

2017 Chevrolet Corvette
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People can find so many vehicles which are offered based on purpose. However, we can make sure that the world stage will not be completed if there is no sports car. 2017 Chevrolet Corvette must be included in the list of car which people should consider when they want something about performance. New car with sports type comes with high price yet for the price, people can find that the power as well as handling of this car can be the best. It is still comfortable as well. It can be a sports car but it comes with cargo room which is larger enough. Great quality can be found for interior design as well as material.

Trim Levels
People can choose between the sport coupe and convertible one with two seats from this car. Stingray becomes the base trim level followed by higher one including Stingray Z51 and Stingray Z06. The latest news said that there is additional trim level which is Grand Sport one. Roof panel which is removable can be found in the coupe body style and power soft top can be found in the convertible body style. People can also find sub trims for every trim level for more specific choice.

Stingray trim level becomes the base option which comes with rear wheel drive. It is powered by V8 engine which has 6.2 liters fuel capacity for delivering 455 horsepower. People can get the car with 460 horsepower by using the performance exhaust which can be found for Z51 as well as Grand Sport trim level. The standard choice is manual transmission with seven speeds and it is supported by the automatic rev matched downshifts. Optional automatic transmission with eight speeds can also be found. Supercharger can be found in Z06 trim level for producing up to 650 horsepower.

Comparison car in the sports car market can be so many but people should consider this car from various aspects including the interior design. The drivers will get the experience like they are in the cockpit of fighter jet with the design of major controls as well as readouts. Compared to the previous generations of this car model, people can find the material with much better quality although people can find many sports cars with the price range which offers better. It is true that this car comes with great performance but people can still feel comfortable when they are driving on the long trip or over the pavement which is not good enough.

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