2017 Ford Focus ST Base Hatchback

2017 Ford Focus ST Base Hatchback

Some people choose large car because they think that small car will be boring. In fact, small car will not be like that when people are choosing 2017 Ford Focus ST Base Hatchback. This is the car which cannot only be great choice for daily activity because it can also be a great vehicle for enjoying the weekend. There is no doubt about it because this car is polished as well as fast. The great driving experience can be found from the turbocharged engine which is powerful. Sharp handling can also be found around turns. New car with great performance and stylish look has arrived.

Trim Levels
This is the hatchback with four doors which is oriented to the performance. People will not find the sedan version of this car type. Let’s find out more about the standard features in this car. They are including the alloy wheels with 18 inches size and summer tires, performance brake, and many more. People can also find the package options for the car. Several features can be found as addition for the ST2 package and also ST3 package. People only need to choose the most suitable choice according to their budget and need.

The next news which will be expected must be about the power train of the car. This car comes with the inline four cylinders engine which has 2.0 liters fuel capacity. It is combined with front wheel drive ability. The engine can deliver 252 horsepower. The car is also supported by the manual transmission with six speeds. People must not forget about the hill start assist. Comparison car in this class comes with faster acceleration.

Comparison car can be a lot but this car comes with handsome interior design. The best quality is used not only for the materials but also the construction. Comfortable as well as supportive standard seats can be found in the front. Recaro seat is available with the side bolster which is larger so the hard cornering support can be enhanced. However, this feature can limit their driving experience after all. Decent headroom can be found in the rear seats but compared to its competitors; the legroom is not that spacious. The display with 4.2 inches size becomes the standard option for this car but people will get much better experience by upgrading it with the touch screen display with 8 inches size. The display can be used easily and supported with the latest integration system for smart phone apps.

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