2017 Kia Rio Sedan

2017 Kia Rio Sedan

Some people have their preference about the type of vehicle which they love the most. Some of them want the subcompact sedan for instance but some other people want to get the hatchback type. There is no need to worry because 2017 Kia Rio can be a great choice for those expectations. This car comes with the standard features which are good enough. There are also optional features available. People will get peace of mind since it comes with long coverage of warranty. Quick acceleration can be found for the engine. It can be subcompact sedan but it comes with roomy seating area. New car which can make people’s wish comes true can be found from Kia.

Trim Levels
People are able to find this car type which is offered in four door hatchback or sedan type. As for the trim levels, different offer can be found for both types. The sedan is offered with the LX as well as EX trim levels. LX, EX, and also SX trim levels are offered for the hatchback. LX trim level is the entry level and it is supported with various features from steel wheel with 15 inches size to the auxiliary audio input jack.

When people are checking the news, they of course will look for the information associated with the engine. The power of the car can be found from the engine with four cylinders and 1.6 liters fuel capacity. From this engine, the car can get 138 horsepower. Manual transmission and six speeds can be found from the LX sedan trim level while the automatic transmission becomes option. Other trim levels come with the automatic transmission as standard option. Compared to other cars with subcompact sedan type, this car has a little bit faster acceleration.

The great thing which people can find from this car is that it comes with spacious cabin. Comparison car for subcompact sedan maybe will not be that satisfying. The driver’s seat is height adjustable so the drivers can find the most comfortable position while driving. Spacious seating area can also be found from the rear side. People will not find the flashy interior design. The good quality material can be found from EX and SX models. Those models also offer the adjustment for soft touch trim as well as cloth upholstery. Simplicity becomes the main point which people can find from this type. With straightforward design, people can see and use everything easily inside the car.

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