2017 Lexus NX 200t SUV

2017 Lexus NX 200t SUV

SUV for many people can be considered as the vehicle which is very useful. However, people still have their own preference about the type of SUV which they want to drive. 2017 Lexus NX 200t can be the best choice for them who are looking for the luxury crossover SUV which comes with small size. It will look standout in the crowd for sure. People will love the quality and construction in the cabin. The engine will work quietly and smoothly. The backseat has generous room. The features of high technology can be found in the SUV as well. However, the cargo capacity of this SUV is small. The technology interface of Remote Touch can be frustrating as well as distracting. New car, however, can provide great interest after all.

Trim Levels
People will not be able to find options of trim level because 2017 Lexus NX 200t is offered in single trim level only. However, people can find the hybrid version of this car. That is why it better to know more about the standard features which include various things from wheels with 17 inches size to media player interface. People actually can find the package option such as F Sport, Comfort, and also Luxury package with different features. This car also offers some additional options.

Since there is only one trim level, people will not be able to get much options of the engine from the news. The car will be powered with turbocharged engine with four cylinders as well as 2.0 liters fuel capacity. The engine with this specification will be able to create 235 horsepower. It comes with automatic transmission combined with six speeds. The standard option comes with front wheel drive but people can choose optional all wheel drive.

Great performance needs great interior design of course. Comparison car will have lower value if the interior design is not satisfying enough. In the cabin, people will find the design which has modern vibe. This is kind of characteristic which can be found from this car for sure. The best construction can be found with the rich feeling and looking materials. The doors are lined with soft material which is like leather. Expensive look can be found from the center console as well as dashboard. Tasteful application can be found from the modern analog clock, wood trim, and also contrast stitching which can be found inside the car cabin. People will be amazed with the features as well.

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