2017 Nissan Rouge SUV

2017 Nissan Rouge SUV

SUV is getting more and more popular among people. It is no longer about the more capacity which can be offered but also about better style. Every automotive company offers the SUV product to attract the market and we can make sure that the market will get attracted to 2017 Nissan Rouge SUV. Among the SUV class, there is no question that this car can offer the best front seat which can provide the best comfort. Comfortable riding experience can be found over various terrains. Technology options are friendly to user. The cargo storage is versatile as well. However, the acceleration is weak. Slow respond transmission as well as poor visibility can also be found from this SUV. New car is always interesting after all so people need to learn more about this SUV.

Trim Levels
2017 Nissan Rouge is kind of compact crossover SUV with five passengers’ capacity. The trim levels which are available include S, SV, as well as SL. The standard features can be found in the basic trim level, the S model. The standard features are pretty varied from the steel wheels with 17 inches size to the satellite radio. More and more features can be found in the higher trim level for sure. Add-ons can also be found.

People surely expect the power from SUV and that is why the engine of the SUV from Nissan must be learned further. According to the news, all of the models will come with standard engine. It is four cylinders engine which can afford 2.5 liters fuel. It is able to produce 170 horsepower. The engine is not the only important thing for sure because people can get the best performance since it is combined with continuously variable transmission (CVT). The transmission will send the power to the front wheels. People can also find the optional all wheel drive for this SUV.

Comparison car is necessary for getting the best option and that is why people should see carefully about the detail of this SUV including the interior design. The quality materials which are well assembled can be found for its interior. There is plastic but it is soft to touch. Genuine feel can be found from the leather surface as well. S and SV trim levels come with the seating at the third row. However, people can find kind of ergonomic gripes as well as outward visibility which are not that satisfying.

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