2020 Genesis G70 Review
2020 Genesis G70 Review

2020 Genesis G70 Review

Sedan is a good companion on the street because it is versatile. You can use it as a family car and also fit for your business vehicle. In the small luxury sedan market, the new 2020 Genesis G70 will get something new even though it is still a part of the first generation model that launched earlier this year. Based on some reviews, the new Genesis G70 has a great balance for daily comfort and sport capability. Experts might be exaggerating, but the new feel of G7 almost reaches what the BMW 3 Series has to offer. In short, this luxury sedan could be your best selection thanks to its new updates.

2020 Genesis G70 comes with the new design that enhances its sporty character. Still, it is fun-to-drive sedan which gives you a combination of comfort and sport. I forgot to mention about the price, the MSRP range of new G70 model starts from $ 35,450. From the pricing point of view, Genesis G70 has more features and tech in compared with the similar sedan in its class.
The new Adaptive Dampers would ensure comfortable handling during aggressive driving. The multiple drive modes would suit your driving style without degrading the comfort and safety. And when it comes about driving performance, 2020 Genesis G70 has the biggest strengths thanks to roaring V-6 engine with AWD mode. The engine is not just powerful but also responsive in order to reach the maximum speed. Also, the steering wheel is perfect for a sedan that will serve you daily.

Even though the new 2020 Genesis G70 has a great warranty coverage and excellent upscale design, but these perks come along with some flaws. The back seat didn’t get any update so it might be a little bit cramped when you decide to use this sedan as a family car. Also, Hyundai seems to forget that infotainment screen is also important in luxury sedan. There’s no new feature that distinguish this sedan with other vehicles in same class. Other flaw on the interior part is the cabin materials which are below the average.
Other thing that you should know is that the manual transmission is disappointing because it doesn’t as engaging as it should be. Last, the MPG score is low as its EPA-estimated is just 20 mpg because the V6-engine, way behind its rival which almost reach 30 mpg with the similar specs.

2020 Genesis G70

In short, this luxury sedan is worth to buy regardless its gas mileage rating and subpar interior materials. I mean, with just less than $ 50,000 you can bring home this beautiful 2020 Genesis G70 to your garage. The V-6 is a bonus here because its responsive and beast – you can feel the sport sensation in a compact luxury sedan. But if you want a family car that provides comfort and spacious interior room, you might be disappointed because the new Genesis G70 2020 couldn’t meet your expectations. It would be better to choose hatchback or MPV as family car.

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