The Automotive Industry in United State

Automotive Industry

United State is known as the superpower country. It is reasonable since United State is believed has better system for any aspects. One of them can be seen from the automotive industry in US. There is a long journey to make this country to be the largest automotive industries in the world. As the home of global auto parts and vehicle manufactures, US ranked on the second place as the largest vehicle sales in the world after China. In 2009, USA has under 6 million units of production but later it growth into doubled production. In 2015, it counted that US successfully produced over 12 million passenger vehicles.

The Growing of Automotive Industry in United State
With the increasing production of vehicle in US, the vehicle produced was dominated by the mixed bag in 2015. It is not only about the growing production, but there are some increasing quality of features for automotive from US. To be out of the flat market sales, there are some developments for automotive features dealt with high technology. One by one, the vehicle especially auto has been built with the high technology features such as Wi-Fi connection with the advanced infotainment applications and systems.

The High Technology Features in Automotive
The genius producer of auto will not end until that. There are so many new invention to complete best auto features. Recently, there is a new feature which let cars on the road to communicate each other. This futuristic system is called as the vehicle-to-vehicle communications system. It let each drivers to exchange the basic safety like the position and speed. As the futuristic car, there is also a system which directly connected to internet which let the drivers to get information of certain location as digital map. Also, there is also a feature that linked to the certain web to facilitate the repairs and diagnostics of vehicle.

Technology comes to help people’s work. It also applies on high technology features in auto. Nowadays, we can easily found some automatic features that let drivers to drive easily and effectively. Automatic accident avoidance, self-parking, self-braking, electric parking brakes, computer-operated power steering, and automatic cruise control based on road are some of the best convenient high technology feature which will help people to get more safety driving. It can be concluded that the high technology features are not only to follow the technology trend but also can be used as the safety features for riding.

The New Road Map for Automotive Industry
There are some challenges in the future for automotive industry. In that situation, consolidation and the new innovations are not the only key to struggle the new challenge in automotive market. There are some considerations. For the most important consideration that must be taken us the share manufacturing and platforms. It will not be needed anymore for building and designing own transmissions, engines, and some related equipment since it will wasteful. So many consumers will prefer to its attributes like reliability, styling, and quality.


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