The Best Cars in the World

Cars in the World

For you who love to know about the best car in the world, here will be your favorite one. You know that we some find the fastest car, the most luxurious car, the most expensive cars but today you will know about the best car. For car lovers, driving the best car is a big dreaming. You can have high speed without need to worry about some spare part that will be broken.

The best cars always have the best performance. Here is the list of them:

  • Porsche Carrera GT

This is a dream car that has high speed. You only need to spend for about 4 second to have speed 60 km/hr. This is equivalent to 612 horse power. This car is both luxury and comfort. You will enjoy your journey without hearing some noisy sound from outside.

  • Jaguar XJ 220

This car can give you the maximum speed for about 217 mph. The total power that can produce by this car is about 542 horse power. This car firstly release in the market on 1992. The design is elegant and stylish. You will have your prestige by driving this car.

  • McLaren F1

You only need a time for about 3,8 second to reach the speed from 0 to 60 km/hr. This car has the total power for about 624 horse power. You can imagine about the power of this car. You will never feel bored while driving this car because this car full of modern technology.

Those three best cars above will show you’re the real car. You can have high speed car with smooth landing. Feel so comfortable driving the car in a good road type. Besides the specification, the super car above also has good design. They have high entertainment capacity also the sophisticated technology.

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