How to Car Paint Automotive

Car Paint Automotive

This article would like to discuss some tips to do successful car automotive paint. As we all know, such job is time-consuming. You can do the job for couple of weekends or even just in a few days. Furthermore, you can do the job inside the garage, or do it outside, depends on certain conditions.  However, the real question is: what types of equipment do you need? Well, at least you need to provide these items: clear-coat lacquer, enamel paint or topcoat acrylic, undercoat, safety glasses, face masks, paint thinners, a buffer, a spray gun, newspaper for masking off, masking tape, air-powered sander and a lot of dry-and-wet sandpaper (1200 and 2000-grit).

After provide them all, you need to do more steps in term of doing car automotive paint job. The following instructions are general thing you can do when painting the car:

  • Clean you working area so that there are no dusts left. If you do the job outside, please hose the space down. Don’t do the job underneath trees. Mask certain areas if you only want to paint the exterior.
  • Sanding the entire back of the car so that you get a smooth finish on its bare metal. This step maybe time-consuming and you need to wipe the car’s surface first with thinners and a clean rag so that the dust is removed.
  • At this step you need to mask up certain areas using plastic sheeting or masking tape. And then start painting any area you want to cover.
  • Don’t forget to use three to four coats and then apply the paint on each of them carefully. Patient is the key

What we’ve explained above is only general guidance in doing painting job. Furthermore, these are DIY which require a good three or four hours until car automotive paint job done.

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