Cayman S, the Best 4-turbo Car

Cayman S

All of us know that Porsche has giving the Cayman a new engine, which is 4-cylinder turbo engine. In the standard version, Porsche puts a 2.0 monoscroll that can provide 296 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. In this S version, a wider bore is given, yielding 2.5 liters that can bring up to 345 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque between 1.950 rpm and 4.500 rpm. Because of the changing, the new version of the Cayman is able to give a faster acceleration. The manual version of the Cayman S is able to reach 62 mph from 0 within 4.6 seconds while the older version took 5 seconds.

The new Porsche Cayman S is also more efficient. It is claimed to return 34.9 mpg and 184 g/km of CO2 where the old type records 32.1 mpg/206 g/km. We have to tell you that weight of the car has gone up by 35 kg. Most people said that the suspension on the old type is too soft. That is why, Porsche gives stiffer springs. To make it balanced, the dampers have been revised and the electro-mechanical steering is improved to be more direct. The brakes have also been upgraded.

Porsche also upgrades the interior section of this car. It is easy to say that Porsche does not want to lose their customers, especially Cayman’s fans. Because of that reason, the new Cayman does not bring a much changing on its interior. Though the driving position is lower than the old version, but the feeling just the same as the older version. Driver is still easy to control anything from his position while enjoying the driving experience. The price for this new version has not increased at all because the difference is not much. If we try to compare this car with its competitors in the same class, then we will find that the Cayman S is the best option in the 4-cylinder turbo segment.

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