Honda Passport 2020 Review

Honda tries to take us back in time and reminisce with two different car variants. Trying to integrate the Honda Pilot and Honda CRV which has long been a flagship product in the Midsize SUV class, Honda is trying to bring back Passport nameplate to dominate the car market in the United States. This sport-styled SUV could be your new vehicle as it comes with new features and driving performances that will take you to the next level of SUV. Honda Passport 2020 is ready to beat the American brands domination that has become the king in the SUV marketplace. So, what’s new on this sporty SUV? Let’s check the review below!

Car owners that have been driving CRV or Pilot for decades might remember how this SUV was very comfortable. And that’s what you get in this sport-styled midsize SUV which brings spacious interior and passengers’ space. The new Honda Passport 2020 offers smart storage to keep everything neat during the trip.

The best part about Honda Passport 2020 is that this three-row vehicle provides comfort area for every passenger in every row. Even the new front seats are wide and very comfortable. And all that happens because new suspension that keeps the ride quality above the average regardless the terrain. The new suspension system also adds the driving performance, especially when you want to feel the new Off Road ability.

Talk about the driving performance, the full manual control transmission paired with V6 engine that brings you to 60 mph in just 6.8 seconds, which is among the fastest in the segment. Of course, the speed is not everything in a midsize SUV because safety system is important too. Honda offers the new Sensing Package which provides extra aids for the driver in all variants. Honda Passport 2020 also gives you Blind Spot, Parking Sensors, and Lane Keeping feature to enrich the cruise control system.

The new suspension add 1-inch ground clearance which affects its driver’s seat that might be a little bit too high if you are not get used to. I stated the Cruise Control earlier and it could be a disadvantage for you because this system is active only when you drive more than 20 mph. It might too fast for some people that want a comfort ride during a long trip.
Honda Passport 2020 Review

The new Honda Passport 2020 is the perfect midsize SUV whether you want a comfort or driving performance. First, the MSRP price is affordable in its segment – it starts from $ 31,990 for the Sport model and it costs you $ 43,680 for Elite variant. Between that the well-equipped EX-L model has everything you need to enjoy both comfort and sport driving sensation.
We all agree that the midsize SUV segment has many range options from price to pace and ride to pride. And Honda Passport is in the middle of that value so you can get a fast-paced car in affordable price that gives you pride and a comfort ride.

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