Honest Review of 2018 Nissan GTR

Honest Review of 2018 Nissan GTR

New year and new month bring a new car. This year, 2018 Nissan GTR becomes one of 2018’s hot models. People, especially automotive enthusiast, have been talking about this twin-turbo with all-wheel-drive. Based on experts’ close looks on the new release, the Nissan GTR deserves a 7.4 rating out of 10. Even though it doesn’t provide luxury commonly expected from a car with such price, it still provides customers with many other features. To bring customers closer to the model, we have provided a brief explanation of what to expect.

2018 Nissan GTR Best Performance
Surely, performance determines its value. 2018 Nissan GTR shows an excellent performance with its twin turbos, all-wheel drive and the dual clutch transmission. These gears create a level of road-going insanity of the car. Based on that fact alone, the car deserves a solid 10 on road performance. Moreover, it has a 3.8 liter V-6 engine core which fires up its powertrain capability. The V-6 creates a strong 565 horsepower and 467 pound feet of torque which later comes up to 600 hp in Nismo trim’s top. An amazing capability to rush to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds with 200 mph at top speed.

The result of the dual clutch transmission can be seen on the driveline clatter, shift feel and timing which become better. Not only that, the all-wheel-drive also makes it easier to drive with low speed, because it lightens the wheel while doing so. Additionally, the 2018 Nissan GTR has been proven to have an adjustable suspension, transmission, and stability control setting. These adjustments make it easier for customers to drive around as a commuter.

2018 Nissan GTR Quality and Comfort
When it comes to a car, its quality and comfort should come right after its performance. Passenger should feel comfortable while driving. Let’s see its quality and comfort from the front seat! It turns out that the car has new seats installed similar to last year with the exception of better comfort and newly updated base trim. Moreover, the paddle shift controls are now placed on the steering wheel which makes it easier for driver to reach them. The 2018 Nissan GTR is also equipped with enough trunk space for at least a roll-aboard and a suit bag.

The interior design is completed with nappa leather, especially on the instrument panel. There is also a touchscreen interface to reduce the numbers of buttons installed on the dash. There were used to be 27 buttons on the dash and now are reduced to only 11. Thanks to the touchscreen! To complete the interior design, the car has acoustic trim and glass, complete with noise cancellation up to 10 decibels. The 2018 Nissan GTR also makes a jet-like noise from its turbochargers.

2018 Nissan GTR Safety
Safety should be the number one priority in a car. This Nissan GTR provides much safer equipment than other cars of its kind. The standard all-wheel drive combined with standard rearview camera alone provides a stabile control system. More than that, the car has installed a street traction system for a much better safety on the road.

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