Independent Insurance Agent vs Captive Insurance Agent

Independent Insurance Agent vs Captive Insurance Agent
If we want to insure our car, we might be puzzled about how we should get it. Some people often confused about which types of car insurance they must choose, deal with agent or buying online? Actually, there are some different options we can use to find the right car insurance, which are:

– Buying from captive insurance agents
– Buying from independent insurance agents
– Buying car insurance online

If we love personal services and like to form face-to-face relationships, the best option we can take is buying car insurance policy from an agent. However, because there are different types of insurance agent, we need to decide which type is the best and the most suitable.

Basically, insurance agent can be divided into two different types, which is independent and captive. Independent agent is the insurance agent who sell insurance policy for numerous insurance companies, which captive agent is the one who sell car insurance only for one company.

Captive agent is the best option for us who want to have a specific insurance firm because he or she works only for one insurance company. Because of that reason, captive agent understands well all the options offered. Captive agents can assist us to build the right package based on our requirements. The only weakness of such agents is that they usually take more time to respond our questions.

If we want to compare some different packages from some available firms, independent agent is the one we can use. Such agent is not directly work on one firm, so they would not push us to use specific product and may provide some different options from some different companies. The weakness of independent agents is that they usually want to grab a deal as soon as possible. It happens because they want to grab the commission from each package they have sold.

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