New Acura RDX Review

Acura is one of the most affordable vehicles in the North Americans market. The Japanese automaker now is targeting middle-up consumers who want something luxurious but doesn’t drain their savings account. And that’s where Acura try to fit in. This year Acura brings a few new cars for the North Americans market. Among others, the third generation of Acura RDX is now available with price range starts at $ 37,400 up to $ 47,500 depend on the models you choose. For those of you who want look up a new vehicle with affordable price yet still gives you a glamour appearance, read the review new Acura RDX before you purchase this vehicle.

Many people say that this vehicle has a sharp handling thanks to the new braking and acceleration features. The new Acura RDX has Panic Braking that will give you a smoother experience in a panic situation. It fits with the 2.0-liter Turbocharged engine which will bring you to the 60 mph in just 7 seconds. The new Steering system is available in 3 different modes; Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ which can be adjusted depend on your driving styles.

When it comes about comfort of the driver and passengers, the new Acura RDX provides spacious interior with ergonomic design. It prioritizing comforts above other things, that’s why Acura offers not just stylish seats for driver and passengers but also brings more space for headroom and leg area. Talking about style, Acura RDX also has new Panoramic Sunroof to let you drive in glam.

Acura knows that technology is something crucial in a vehicle nowadays. Given to that situation, they bring several hi-tech to improve your driving experience, such as Driver Aids, Voice Control, new Smartphone Integration, and entertainment system. These new technology features are the reasons why people should own this vehicle to support their daily routine.

Of course it is not a perfect vehicle, in fact there’s such no perfect vehicle exist. The new Acura RDX also comes with flaws which might fit your preferences. The first flaw of this new generation of RDX is that you can’t choose the powertrain because there is no option for that. They just give you 2.0-liter engine which is a little bit slower in its class. So, this car might not be your favorite if you want to drive a fast car.
Other thing is that the new RDX comes in different package and the feature options are bundled. So the basic model might not fit with your style and the most completed package will cost you more than the MSRP range.
New Acura RDX Review

Given to that information, the new Acura RDX is suitable for those who want something luxurious but not pricey. Even though this vehicle will not satisfy your passion on the street, but Acura RDX has something that will improve your driving experiences thanks to the comfortable features that will ensure your journey will run safe and sound. That’s it. We hope this article help you to choose which cars best for you!

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