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It is a bit risky to downsize utility vehicle because it will affect the first impression but GMC dare to take the risk. The all-new 2017 GMC Acadia is made smaller than its predecessor is. Once loved for it extra-large dimensions, the new Acadia is now shorter and narrower. The

It took six years for Hyundai to fix the mess in 2011 when they got a big humiliation and big fine due to mistakenly calculate highway mileage rating of Hyundai Elantra fifth generation. They promoted the car for 40-mpg when it actually only 38 mpg. Now, after carefully double-checked their

Prepared for 2017, Ford Fusion Hybrid is adorned by new touches here and there, in the outside and inside. It shares the similar cosmetic changes with other Ford Fusion sedan range but Ford added new additional trim level they called it Platinum. The exterior carries several new items but you

The new Chrysler Pacifica Minivan (2017) comes with clever features and stylish looks. The minivan comes with many luxury-based features, all of which providing convenience. There is also hybrid engine option and upscale interior, both of which add much more comfort in terms of seating and performance as well. The

As one of the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, Suzuki apparently also do not want to miss to enliven SUV car market that was very popular and the trend in the society. However, this time, the manufacturer is offering something a little different due to the mini SUV that will

Released on this early year, the new Volkswagen Golf comes with its exclusive feature. It’s categorized as super-hatch sedan car with compact design on its shape. You will get amazing experience on driving this car. Volkswagen seems know that their consumer loves to ride the minimalist car with advanced feature. It can

This article would like to discuss some tips to do successful car automotive paint. As we all know, such job is time-consuming. You can do the job for couple of weekends or even just in a few days. Furthermore, you can do the job inside the garage, or do it outside,

Today’s automotive news begin with the 2016 Mercedes GLC 300, one which known as a simple evolution of previously GLK. It is not a simple car though. If you examine it closer, then what you will find is a C-class with off-road capability. Moreover, the car is a simply revision over the small-luxury