Tips to Take Care You Car Paint

Tips to Take Care You Car Paint

Have a good car will make you have a new responsibility to take care of it. You have to drive the car as smooth as you can so that the passengers will feel comfort. You also need to bring you car to the dealer to have good treatment or service. When you follow the instruction then it will make your car have a good condition.

Here are some tips that you can do to make you car paint stay shiny:

  • Wash your car regularly. Remember to use the car shampoo that has good material. Do not use any other detergent that will directly make your car paint crack.
  • Do not let your car in a very dirty condition. The dust, sand or other dirt that stay in a long time will potentially damaging your car paint.
  • After you clean up your car do not forget to compound it. Use the smooth and recommended material to make the scratches or abrasions on your car paint missing. Remember to use smooth fabric to compound it.
  • Choose the best place to park your car. Let your car directly under the sun will make the car paint easily to faded and dull. You can use the car cover when it possible but do not use the cover when your car is wet. It will cause some water spots when it dries.

Those simple things above will really help you to protect your car paint to stay shiny. You can even do all of them at home by yourself. Do not easily use the chemical material or liquid to your car without really know about its function. Some liquid can cause big damage when you use it with wrong way. If you feel confused about it, you can ask some help from the people who have good experiences on it.

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