Top 5 Cheap Car Insurance in New York

Top 5 Cheap Car Insurance in New York

Driving in the city most likely has higher risks to car accidents rather than in the rural areas. This is the reason why getting auto insurance is highly recommended for future saving especially for those who are living in the area with high traffics. However, if you don’t shop carefully, you can end up spend your money on expensive insurance. So, here is the list of cheap car insurance in New York recommended for you.

Geico is the second largest and placed as top list of the cheapest auto insurance in New York with $1,056 of yearly rate. The insurance coverage includes mechanical breakdown repairment to all parts of your new car up to 15 months but less than 15,000 miles. It can be renewed for up to 7 years or 100,000 miles. Moreover, you don’t need to pay for regular maintenance but you will get a deduction around $250. There are also coverages for emergency road assistance, auto repair, and ridesharing insurance.

Travelers have higher customer satisfaction ratings and fewer complaints. It offers a yearly rate of $1,287.Not only include the standard coverage, Travelers also provide some additional auto options include gap, ridesharing, and InterlliDrive insurances. Gap insurance provides auto lease or loan protection so you can feel more in ease if you are in the stuck situation for paying the differences of the total between the balance and value of your car. You can seek for discount up to 30% through IntelliDrive, if you are categorized as driver less than 13,000 miles a year.

In the next list is Progressive with a rate of $1,461/year. Like other insurances, Progressive also offers the standard coverage options. There is roadside assistance to help you paying the run-out gas or any breakdown, dead battery, flat tire, or locked keys in your car. Progressive also help to cover your loan or lease balance when it’s totaled for 25% above the car’s value under gap insurance options. The custom parts and equipment value is also available to cover the repairment and replacement of custom accessories addition in your car. Even there is pet injury protection included in the coverage if your pet also gets injured in a car accident.

State Farm
State Farm is the largest auto insurers which offer a rate of $1,519 per year. The best coverage from State Farm is its rental car and travel expenses coverage. It pays for your rental car when you are in the shop after covered collision, lodging, transportation, even meals. However, there is limit in the coverage that can be varied by state. There is also drive safe & save program that provide discounts up to 5% after sign up then up to 50% based on your driving behavior. It counts based on your mileage and measurements of safe driving, for example smooth braking and acceleration.

There is innovate offer called “rate lock” from Erie where the customers can lock their car insurance rates until they decide to add or remove drivers, vehicles, or move. You can also prevent a surcharge after first-at-fault accidents through accident forgiveness option. Expect for more extras include pet injury coverage, deduction of waiver collision if two customers of Erie involved in the car accidents, even personal property and travel cost coverage.
If you can’t decide which auto insurance to be applied, you can choose one from the list of cheap car insurance in New York above. Check the availability in your area.

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