Ways to Get Best Car Insurance for Older Drivers

Car Insurance for Older Drivers

For motorist of all ages, car insurance is one of the biggest running costs. So it’s always worth looking best car insurance and the best deal. For motorist of older drivers aged 60-69, they do pretty well since they are only paying $375 a year according to Insurance America Department, compared to the average for all age groups of $646. But it’s more important than ever for the older driver to get best car insurance for older drivers since they have to squeeze on their pensions and savings. When it comes to accidents, mature motorist also gets a bad press, and that’s thanks to a few high-profile cases although the truth is entirely different.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, there are more than 10,000 accidents involving drivers over the age of 70 since 2012. That compares to more than 11,000 accidents involving young drivers aged 17-19 and more than 20,000 in the 20-24 age group. Below are some general and specific ways to get best car insurance for older drivers. Those methods will keep the cost of car insurance as low as possible.

  1. Ways to Get Best Car Insurance for Older Drivers
    Stay with your current insurer
    According to Comparethemarket.com research, six out of 10 people renew their vehicle insurance without looking for a better quote, and they are losing $175 on average. Half of the drivers can save up to $23 on their premiums in this way. Unfortunately, the older you get, the narrower the choice, so the best way to get best car insurance for you is by staying with your current insurer. Because sometimes mature drivers are forced to switch their insurer since they have reached the age limit with their current insurer. In this case, you will be pointed towards brokers that will help you.
  2. Update your insurer
    If you’re about to retire, it’s better to update your insurer, and you already finished your daily commute. For your information, a change of policy and a lower mileage from commuting to social and domestic use will result in a lower premium so you can get best car insurance for older drivers.
  3. Choose the right car
    It is a good time to downsize and buy a car with a small insurance when kids grew up and retire no longer doing the daily commute. This way can keep your premium down. There are some useful tips from the Money Advice Service on how to buy the right car for you. Favorite small models which are not cost a lot to repair are favored by the insurers. You can use a free online tool such as the Car Costs Calculator to check running costs.
  4. Safety first
    You can get the lower premium if you secure your vehicle better. So if the result of your work leading in buys a house with a garage or driveway, you have to use it and making your insurer aware.
  5. Drive safely
    It’s better to avoid making claims to get you best car insurance for older drivers.

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